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He is accused by Human Rights Watch of the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas Big World 

He is accused by Human Rights Watch of the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas

He is accused of torturing in his most recent report Human Rights Watch (HRW), a human rights organization called the Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and the radical Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip, “the Israeli website The Times of Israel reported on Tuesday.

In the one hundred and forty-ninety-page report, now reported, one hundred and forty-one inmates – opposition, activists and political opponents – reported being threatened and beaten, and many were forced into hours of painful posture for hours.
The Two Authorities, One Way, No Diversion report lists more than 20 cases that have been arrested for criticizing newspaper articles or social media posts or because they were members of organizations or groups opposed to the authorities.
According to the human rights organization, brutal torture is widely used, and this can be considered as a “government policy” by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.
“The Palestinian security forces regularly use violence, humiliation, private locks and knockouts in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, including the swearing of the prisoners’ feet, to invoke confessions and confessions, and punish and intimidate activists against the central power.” text.
This is mainly a sabe torture technique, such as the forced imprisonment of squatters, the forcible rise or retreat of their arms, and the setting up of their chairs or the laying of their chairs for long hours.
The report exemplifies a civil servant in the Gaza Strip who was warned by a friend on a social community site for a protest action against power supply failures and tortured for a few days in prison in the Hamas detention camp for severe pains.
In the West Bank, a journalist who had been produced was tied to the ceiling and tightened the rope so that he could no longer use his arms for a while.
Hamas and the Palestinian Authority regularly tortured each other’s activists in areas under their control, the report says.
HRW has called on the United States, the European Union and other international powers not to provide assistance to Palestinian bodies responsible for persecution and abuse, including the Palestinian Authority and Hamas torture security organizations.
The report also states that both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas denied the allegations and claimed that only “isolated cases” were abusive and that the responsible persons were punished.
However, HRW rejected their response and stressed that the practice of torture is opposed to the positions of human rights organizations that have recently joined the Palestinian Authority and may face international crimes against humanity.

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