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The new Gmail is going to leak out Interesting Facts Tech 

The new Gmail is going to leak out

Get new robes and features soon Google’s popular web mail system, Gmail, came out on Wednesday. This was reported by the company itself by letter to G Suite’s administrators, saying it could not be long enough to join the small circle of people who could first try out Early Adopter Program.

According to Google’s letter:

fresh and clean will be the renewed web interface,
the Gmail interface will easily be available for G Suite apps, such as Calendar,
translate the automated replies on the mobile to the web interface,
there will be a “snooze” button that allows you to retrieve specific mails after a specified time,
there will be offline support that will allow you to read your email without an internet connection.
On the basis of all this, it appears that Google engineers are receiving proven items from Inbox to Gmail, so they seem to be approaching the two mail programs. Since Wednesday news has leaked some screenshots about Gmail’s future design, at least one version of it that supports this.

Based on the pictures, it is possible to say that the new bubble and the earlier minimalist (material) design elements will be mixed in the new interface. The integration of the calendar is displayed in a sidebar and the Todo list of Tasks can be integrated into the interface.

If all is correct, you can choose from three options:

The default setting (Default) will show separate icons for each type of attachment (image, video, document, etc.) for each mail.
Convenient (Comfortable) is the earliest known gem clipboard for attachments.
The Compact view compresses slashes in the Inbox folder.
The introduction of the new design is likely to take months before the tight test run is over, making it possible for everyone to access the renewed Gmail.

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