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One ex-bodyguard from Osama bin Laden was shot from Germany European Union 

One ex-bodyguard from Osama bin Laden was shot from Germany

Zoltán Konsiczky, Special Envoy for MTI, means:
They exiled from Germany a former bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, the late leader of the al-Qaeda international terrorist organization, German newspaper “Bild” reported on Friday.

According to a report on the website, the authorities arrived at the facility in Büren, East-Westfalia, where the 43-year-old Sami A. was in custody, after 3 o’clock in the morning. He was taken to a Düsseldorf airport by a small bus, where he was taken to a charter flight with a police escort, hand and foot, and sent to his native Tunisia and handed over to local authorities.
Bild writes that Germany has been freed from a wartime threat because he has been in contact with German and foreign Islamist terrorists in recent years.
“The constitutional and state security investigators are sure that Sami A. was the author of several terrorist attacks,” says Bild.
The interesting thing about this case is that while the man was being deported, the court in Gelsenkirchen on Friday decided that Sami A. should not be sent back to Tunisia because there is no guarantee that they will not be tortured there. The spokesperson of the court considered that the competent authorities might not have received the fax on time. “Maybe they should have been waiting for the deportation,” the spokeswoman told the Die Welt newspaper.
Sami A. has lived with her family since 2005 in Bochum. Due to the past of the German authorities as a terrorist organization, it was considered a potential threat and had to report regularly to the police. They were detained on one of these occasions at the end of June and were sent to expulsion custody after the immigration office suspended the scope of the previous court ruling prohibiting his deportation, just as he could be tortured in Tunisia.
The court did not dispute that he was a member of al-Qaeda around the turn of the millennium. He was found to have been trained in a terrorist organization in Afghanistan and was a member of the bodyguard of Osama bin Laden at the same time. Sami A. claimed that she had religious studies at the time in Karachi, Pakistan.

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