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They borrowed a car by car to the Serbian President’s vehicle European Union 

They borrowed a car by car to the Serbian President’s vehicle

 A minor accident was caused by three men when they borrowed a car loan from Aleksandar Vucic, a Serbian caretaker president, with the arrest of the convoy of three vehicles – the Belgrade daily Politics reported Sunday.

    According to information, the accident occurred in Belgrade on Saturday morning and the three men who caused the accident were arrested for being threatened by the security of the President of the Republic.
    According to a policy spokeswoman, who claims to be silent, the men at risk of a collision are guardians of a nightclub who asked for a car from a guest – a famous Serbian football – with a Bentley type Spanish car. When they tried to speed or drift the vehicle in the morning, that is, they drifted, they accidentally slipped into the convoy of the convoy carrying Aleksandar Vucic. The men were captured immediately by the bodyguards of the president, and during the tests they found cocaine in their blood.
    According to the policy, the captives did not deliberately cause an accident, nor was the attack by the president to be attacked. The men on Monday are heard by the Belgrade prosecutor’s office and, if found guilty of a threat to the republican president, they can be sentenced to one to eight years in prison.
    No one was injured in the accident.

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