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A breach of procedure was initiated against Poland for the Supreme Court law European Union 

A breach of procedure was initiated against Poland for the Supreme Court law

Artur Champion, MTI correspondent means:
It filed a lawsuit against Poland against the European Commission’s law on the supreme court, according to which every third member of the board would be forced to be compelled by the week, announced Monday in Brussels.

Speaker of the Margaritis Skinner told reporters that they had sent a so-called letter of formal notice to Poland, and that was the case in the case of legislation that undermined the independence of the judiciary.
The Polish authorities have a month to respond to the objections raised. If no response is received or Poland submits comments that are not considered satisfactory, the European Commission may decide to send a so-called reasoned opinion to Warsaw as the next step in the infringement procedure. They will then be able to bring the matter before the European Court of Justice.
The Brussels body recalled that although the issue was already discussed in the so-called “rule of law dialogue”, this did not yield satisfactory results. As has been said, there is no sign of progress in the process, so an emergency decision has been taken, but the committee is still ready to engage in dialogue to address systemic threats to the Polish rule of law.
The Polish judicial reform, which has been questioned by many, will reduce the retirement age for the current members of the supreme court for 65 years, so 27 of the 72 judges will retire on Tuesday. The judges say that the last independent court may also cease functioning properly in the country.
The European Commission, in December last year, launched a Warsaw nuclear war against the risk of systemic violations of the rule of law by the unprecedented procedure mentioned in Article 7 of the EU Treaty as a nuclear weapon.
The seventh article provides for a multi-step procedure which, in the event of a serious and systematic violation of the EU’s default values, may ultimately lead to the suspension of the voting rights of the state concerned, but this requires the unanimous support of all the other Member States, which experts are almost excluded .
In recent years, many criticisms have been made to the Polish government, primarily because many people want to undermine the independence of the judiciary.

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