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The European travel agents’ association would introduce a mandatory bankruptcy insurance for airlines          European Union Big World 

The European travel agents’ association would introduce a mandatory bankruptcy insurance for airlines       

Airlines are required to introduce a mandatory bankruptcy insurance for the travel and retirement of the European travel agency federations in Brussels.

Michel de Blust, the secretary-general of the European Travel Agents ‘and Tour Operators’ Association, said on Friday that a number of airlines have been bankrupt in the past, which has highlighted the shortcomings of the single regulation. If a travel agency goes bankrupt, there is a mandatory insurance to compensate for passengers, while if it is done with an airline, there is no guarantee. In this area, it is necessary to introduce a new rule of thumb for everyone – he added.
He recalled that the Air Berlin and Monarch airlines were in the midst of the bankruptcy of Air Berlin and Monarch airlines in the 116th meeting in Budapest, and according to the decision of the membership, ECTAA will again search the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the EU authorities to develop a working solution to remove and compensate for the abandoned passengers.
He also pointed out that a number of cases were moving slower than those hoped for by the profession, citing the court case between IATA and ECTA on the repayment of Malév money, the next hearing on the case in the Netherlands in the spring. Malév has been bankrupt for five years, and IATA, the global ticketing system, withholds the price of airline tickets purchased through travel agents, worth about $ 12 million today. He expressed hope that in spring 2018 he would be able to get this amount back to the offices and through the passengers.
Bálint Erdei, President of the Hungarian Association of Travel Agencies, said: I would like to see that, like in other European countries, travel agents are mandatory in Hungary for the type of liability insurance covering cases such as the Egyptian bus accident that occurred a few years ago, which involved many and caused the bankruptcy of the tour operator. He also stated that the topics of the General Assembly with the participation of 33 Member States were defined, inter alia, by EU changes affecting all countries, including the GDPR rules on data protection. The GDPR Directive, ie EU data protection law, should be introduced in Hungary in May 2018 for travel agencies.

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