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Transportation chaos was caused by the taxi taxis in Uber in Prague       Other Big World 

Transportation chaos was caused by the taxi taxis in Uber in Prague    

Traffic chaos and major disruptions – primarily in public transport – on Monday night in Prague, a taxi protester against Uber’s alternative community passenger service.

More than 1,200 carriers attended last Friday, a few hours a day, in a protest event on Monday.
While at the end of the week, the taxi strike did not cause any particular problems, now congestion in the city center has occurred. The main reason for this is that, unlike previous days, the taxi drivers did not announce their protest routes on Monday, and in many places the tramlines were blocked on the rooftop of Moldova, which meant that public transport was stopped somewhat and the trains had to change the route and serious delays had occurred. Vít Hofman, spokesman for the City Council of Prague. Incidents were not reported by the spokesman.
In Prague, about 8300 people have a taxi license, and most of them – about two thousand – protested on Friday.
According to the association of taxi cabs in Prague, Uber’s alternative passenger services are unlawful and require the city’s leadership and the government to ban this business.
According to the Ministry of Transport, a proposal to amend the Transport Act is already being prepared, which will also regulate alternative tax services. Uber’s representatives in the Czech Republic have already publicly indicated at the beginning of the protest action in Prague that they are prepared to negotiate new regulations.
The Uber company offering alternative taxi services has appeared in the Czech Republic three years ago, and its activity has triggered the protest of the taxi association two years ago. Among the population, Uber’s popularity and its utilization are growing.

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