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Foreign Press Releases on Hungary – Politico and Financial Times on Investigating Jobbik, German Press Releases       Big World 

Foreign Press Releases on Hungary – Politico and Financial Times on Investigating Jobbik, German Press Releases   

A widespread article dealt with Friday the Politico Brussels news portal and the Financial Times British business daily with the State Audit Office of Jobbik, according to which the party approved more than 330 million forints of illicit support.

The Financial Times recalled that Jobbik said on Thursday that the expected financial penalty had questioned whether it could participate in next year’s parliamentary elections.
“The eventual election boycott of Jobbik would raise questions about the legitimacy of the victory of the Fidesz (…) and raise concerns about the Hungarian liberal opposition parties,” the article said.
As he wrote, in order to increase his support, the party has recently moved to the political center, moving away from its earlier far-right, anti-Semitic messages. However, observers interviewed by the panel say that the fines and the immunity of a member of the European Parliament, Béla Kovács, who is deprived of his immunity, could break the Jobbik uplift.


In Politico’s article, he emphasized that he is currently considering Jobbik for moderate voters as the main challenger of Fidesz. The news portal cited inside sources saying “the campaign continues, the party does not give up, the Jobbik supporters are angry, this unprecedented attack can activate members and the voting booth.”
The conservative German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) and the liberal Süddeutsche Zeitung have dealt with Hungary with regard to the European court proceedings on refugee quotas.
The FAZ The proud men, Reinhard Müller, commented that “although Warsaw, Prague and Budapest do not want to pursue German asylum policy,” they have to understand, but they also have to comply with European Union decisions.
No one can force them to accept the idea of ‘open society’, and no one should learn these “old European countries” about what freedom and nation mean, because “what others have forgotten know it very well In Warsaw, Prague and Budapest “, as they have recently obtained their independence, which is not even on the safe grounds, because all three states became” front countries “in the new conflict with Russia.
However, they must take note that common decisions apply to everyone, including a decision on the distribution of refugees, which was confirmed by the European Court of Justice – added the author of the FAZ, underlining that “beyond the specific rules there is something that is European solidarity” and the Eastern European states would not have to accommodate a large number of refugees.
The Süddeustche Zeitung Claims the Principle of the Commentary by Florian Hassel, who emphasized that “anyone who violates EU agreements must be punished”. He added that it was high time for the European Commission to come forward with asylum policy against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, because it is a question of principle.
But it is unlikely that the three countries will allow, since their “populist governments” are of vital importance to their asylum policies and the “exclusion of aliens”. That is why they are likely to “pay more for not having to accept just one person,” he added, adding that it is unacceptable that the three countries “admit billions of Brussels annually, but refuse to meet the EU membership requirements obligations “.
He added that every country “has to pay for profit from the EU, but gives up common principles”.

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