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The door to Bob Dylan’s hotel room for a hundred thousand dollars Other Interesting Facts 

The door to Bob Dylan’s hotel room for a hundred thousand dollars

The door to Bob Dylan’s hotel room was auctioned for a hundred thousand dollars ($ 25 million) at a New York auction this weekend – BBC News reported.

The famous New York Chelsea Hotel has opened a door for fifty rooms at the Guernsey auction house for sale. Built in the 1880s, the hotel has long been the home of singers, bohemian artists and writers. In 2011, when the hotel was renovated, a resident, Jim Georgiou, bought the old doors.
Janis Joplin and Leonard Coen, and later Joni Mitchell’s new hotel room for $ 85,000 ($ 21.5 million) changed hands. Edie Sedgwick actress and artist Andy Warhol lived in 1965 in the room whose door was sold at auction for 52,000 dollars ($ 13 million).
In the 1950s, Jack Kerouac was the guest of the hostel, writing his masterpiece on the Road. The door to his room was $ 30,000 ($ 7.5 million) for a bettor.
Otherwise, Mark Twain, Tom Wolfe and Arthur C Clarke also occupy the hotel.
The biggest scandal in the hotel fell in 1978 when Sid Vicious, a member of the British Punk Band of Sex Pistols, was charged with murder after his girlfriend, Nancy Spungent, was found dead in their common room. Vicious had died of heroin overdose before the trial.
Jimi Hendrix’s room door was purchased by a collector for $ 13,000 ($ 3.2 million). So much for the door behind which Madonna, Isabella Rosellini and Sidney Clarke slept behind.
Jim Georgiou told The New York Times that these doors have historical significance, they look beautiful and close to their hearts. Their value is how many celebrities have come into contact with them.
Chelsea Hotel was bought by an investor group in 2016. After 2011 he did not receive any new guests, but a small group of long-time tenants living in the country still live in the upper levels of the building in the renovation works.

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