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The EU: the majority of Europeans believe that the integration of immigrants is a long-term task European Union Big World 

The EU: the majority of Europeans believe that the integration of immigrants is a long-term task

According to a comprehensive European Commission survey on Friday, 69% of Europeans think that immigration integration measures are a long-term task for Europe. Much of the Hungarian respondents expressed the opinion that immigration is a problem for the country – it was revealed by the EU Commission’s survey.

According to a representative survey conducted in 28 EU Member States, the majority of respondents agreed on the main factors influencing and facilitating the integration of immigrants. These included the language courses, compulsory integration programs, and the measures that could help them to enter the labor market.

The survey said about 45% of respondents think that the migration problem is presented in an objective way by the media, 37% say it is too negative, and 8% thought that migration was too positive.

Most of the Hungarian respondents argue that immigration and integration of migrants pose problems to the country. 53 percent of Hungarian respondents believe that the integration of immigrants is unsuccessful. 53 percent of them did not agree that immigrants would help fill vacant jobs. 64% of respondents thought that immigrants did not enrich national cultural life, 74% said it was a burden on prosperity, 65% said it was a crime risk.

88 percent of EU respondents believe that the language of the host country is important for integration. 87 percent of them believe it is important to contribute tax to the growth of the host country, 86 per cent considered it important to adopt the host country’s lifestyle, values, and behavioral norms. According to Hungarian respondents, integration of immigrants can be supported by language and vocational training, special integration programs and anti-discrimination measures.

According to the information provided by the European Commission, around 37 million immigrants living in Europe are currently living in the European Union. Their number represents 7 percent of the total population.

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