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Last year, iPhones were marketed Business 

Last year, iPhones were marketed

Stunning business intelligence from the smartphone company Counterpoint has emerged. Profit share data for the last quarter of 2017 has been reported, based on the top ten performing phones. Here is the percentage list:

iPhone X: 35.0
iPhone 8: 19.1
iPhone 8 Plus: 15.2
iPhone 7: 6.2
iPhone 7 Plus: 5.0
Samsung Galaxy Note 8: 3.8
iPhone 6: 1.8
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. 1.7
iPhone 6s: 1.6
iPhone SE: 0.9
As you can see, eight iPhones from the ten most profitable phones. The iPhones have dumped 86 percent of aggregate industry profit for Apple – the much-attacked iPhone X alone more than a third. On the list, only for the second half alone, Samsung could plug in two types. And what is also astonishing: only 9.7 percent of total industry profit is shared by all other smartphones and manufacturers.

Counterpoint analyst also points out that Apple’s ability to increase its own profit by 1 percent lowered globally by 1 per cent in the last quarter of last year’s smartphone market. All this with the flagship iPhone X available for only two months (November, December) in 2017. Apple’s success has also contributed to the fact that their products are more durable than competitive phones, and their multi-year models also have a strong demand.

The numbers also show that Apple made a good horse when it did not sell it below and it did not get into the low-end smartphone market: they might not buy as many as 700-900-1100 iPhones like noname Chinese mobiles but that the iPhone X has produced five times as many profits as six hundred Android devices altogether, it proves Apple’s strategy.

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