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Lavrov: Washington uses the tools of ultimatums and extortion United States Of America 

Lavrov: Washington uses the tools of ultimatums and extortion

The United States underwrites international treaties and uses the tools of ultimatums and extortion instead of diplomacy, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the International Relations School of Moscow State University (MGIMO) on Monday’s academic opening.

“There is a small group of countries headed by the United States that does not want to engage in dialogue, but rather want dictates – ultimatums and blackmail -” said the leader of Russian diplomacy.
“We witness this every day: everything is being revised, starting with the comprehensive joint action program on the Iranian nuclear program through the Paris Climate Convention to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). And now, with its full-fledged life, the problem of the future of the World Trade Organization (WTO) , which the United States calls straight to injustice and outdated, “he added.
He believed that the methods used by the United States “can not be called other than the pursuit of total dominance”. According to his words, if something does not like him, Washington will put aside diplomacy and apply sanctions and try to probe US law into the world, which Lavrov says is a “serious problem” for many countries in the world. He stressed that Russia did not recognize the “illegitimate” American steps in the matter of the Iranian problem, the WTO and the Palestinian-Israeli settlement.
With reference to his personal impressions, however, he stated: US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo understand that the United States has an interest in being good with Russia. As he said, American companies are also interested in the Russian market. He has argued that the US president is “barricaded lobby” in Washington, which hinders the normalization of bilateral relations.
According to Lavrov, neither the investigations by the US Special Prosecution Officer Robert Mueller nor the two houses of the Congress have been able to substantiate the allegation that Russia intervened in the 2016 US presidential election or that Trum co-operated with a single fact in almost two years with Moscow.
As he said, “he honestly brings a hat” to British diplomacy, which, in the midst of Brexit, has managed to persuade his European partners to dismiss Russian diplomats on the basis of the “Absolute Lie of Allegations” and the United States for a newer introduce sanctions against Moscow.
Lavrov says the Obama administration has played an active role in shaping the Middle East, North African and Ukrainian crises, which the current American leadership is also trying to keep warm. He accused Washington of the fact that Kurt Volker has appointed Kiev’s “wholeness” by appointing a Foreign Affairs Special Representative in Ukraine. At the same time he expressed hope that the United States will “discipline” the non-listening Ukraine.
The leader of Russian diplomacy stressed that the situation in the Syrian region of Idlib controlled by the anti-government forces was “not tolerated indefinitely”. It urged the early separation of “armed groups of terrorists” and “ceasefire” of the ceasefire.

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