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The sun shakes the plasma with great energy Interesting Facts 

The sun shakes the plasma with great energy


He began sending the data to NASA’s Parker Solar Probe space probe, which came closest to the Sun in early November, “wrote the BBC’s news portal.

The data sent includes a recording of the gas that is sparked by high-energy gas – the plasma – visible in the glittering point below the gas turbine on the planet Jupiter. The small dark spots that appear in the picture are the cause of the image being taken.

The WISP (Wide Field Imager for Solar Probe Plus) camera from the Parker spacecraft captured a footage of 27.7 million kilometers from the surface of the Sun on November 8, following a thick, nearly 12 centimeter heat shield from the spacecraft.

The car-sized spacecraft was released by NASA in early August to study the Sun’s crown, that is, its atmosphere. The crown is strangely hotter than the “surface” of the star. Do not know exactly what mechanism causes this phenomenon.

Parker was closer to the Sun on Nov. 5 than any other spacecraft ever made. Speed also reached a record, reaching 375,000 kilometers per hour. The former fastest spacecraft was running at about 250,000 miles per hour.

According to NASA, the data collected by the mission planned for 2025 can clarify future weather forecasts.

The most recent information on the mission was presented at the autumn meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

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