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British terrorism has been raised to the highest level       United Kingdom 

British terrorism has been raised to the highest level    

The highest critical grade on Britain’s Friday evening was the level of terror. The decision was announced by Prime Minister Theresa May. He said that it is not possible to rule out that terrorist acts on Friday morning in the London subway may be followed again by the anti-terrorist services.

As a precedent of the measure, at the Parsons Green station at the southwestern junction of the District Line subway line east-west, a subway station had a helpless structure during the rush hour. Although it did not explode, it was only burned with great force, 29 people were injured in the attack, 22 of them were hospitalized.
None of them are serious, and eight of them have been released by Friday until Friday.
The perpetrator is still being searched by the police.
According to BBC experts on Friday, a rise in the level of preparedness was primarily due to the fact that security authorities did not know if there was any further explosive device in the possession of an unknown culprit.
Britain has so far been in the second highest degree of terror production, which, according to the formal definition, is a serious terror threat and reflects the high probability of counting a terrorist attack on British territory.
The highest critical critical alert level of the five-stage British preparedness system can now be ordered if the perpetrators believe that there is an imminent threat of an assassination.


The level of terrorist threats in Great Britain is determined by intelligence and response services and by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Center (JTAC) of the terrorist department of Scotland Yard, which operates independently of government. The government is obliged to accept the JTAC’s decisions under the Anti-Terror Act.
The JTAC recently put into effect the highest level of preparedness for the five days after the suicide bombings in Manhattan that killed 22 people in May.
Ordering a critical alert level will allow the British Army to assist police work.
Theresa May said in a Friday announcement of the increase in the preparedness level: the police have already asked the Defense Minister for help from the armed forces. According to the British head of government, in some highly protected areas, the units of the armed forces take over guarding and protection duties from the police for the duration of the highest degree of readiness.
May added: “There are more police units in the London public transport network and in the streets than ever before.”
Mark Rowley, the Commander of the Terrorist Department of Scotland Yard, shortly after the Prime Minister announced his Friday press conference, said he needed so much military help from the government to allow thousands of armed police officers to redirect their security guard duties so far to “reassuring” patrols.
Rowley said the investigative authorities had “made good progress” in detecting the background of the attack on the subway in the subway, police reportedly silenced more than a dozen witnesses and the population sent 77 photos and video footage to the police on the assassination.
With regard to the terrorist organization called the Islamic State under attack on the London subway, the head of the terrorist department at Scotland Yard said: “It has become” routine “to make the Islamic State appear as a perpetrator for similar crimes, regardless of whether it was actual contact with the perpetrator.

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