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The British International Development Minister has resigned       United Kingdom 

The British International Development Minister has resigned    

Wednesday night, canceled Priti Patel, the current international development minister of the British government, who was revealed to negotiate and without permission with senior Israeli politicians, including Benjamin Netanyahu, in the summer.

Within a week he is the second senior cabinet who left the cabinet. Just a week ago, Sir Michael Fallon announced his resignation from the defense ministry last Wednesday after reports of 15 years ago being “inappropriate” to a journalist.
Prime Minister Theresa May ordered home from Patel’s official trip to Africa. Patel flew back to London from Nairobi, returning from London Heathrow to Downing Street, where he announced his resignation after the half-hour meeting with the head of government.
According to concerted London political commentators, Priti Patelt Theresa May has called for him to leave the international development ministry.
About 45-year-old Patel, the BBC found out in a week that in August, when he said he was “on a family vacation” in Israel, actually carried out a dense official program, he held 12 working meetings with Israeli officials, including Netanyahu, and accompanied by Lord Stuart Polak, one of the best known British lobbyists in Israel.
Patel’s Israeli meetings on August were not known either by Downing Street, neither by the British Foreign Office nor by British diplomatic missions in Israel.


Former Minister of Development, after the trip, asked his own ministry to aid aid to the humanitarian activities carried out by the Israeli army on the Golan Heights. This initiative, however, stuck to the resistance of British government defendants, as the official British position is part of the Golan Syria occupied by Israel in 1967.
In a letter dated Wednesday evening addressed to Theresa May, the former Minister of Development apologized for his Israeli negotiations failing to meet the principles of transparency and openness.
In his response, the British Prime Minister called the departure of Patel a good step and stressed that relations between Britain and Israel should be maintained through “formal, official channels”.
Priti Patel is a prominent representative of the Right Bank of the Conservative Party and is an active supporter of Brexit, that is, Great Britain’s exit from the European Union.
The government of Theresa May has been weakened by a series of scandals in recent times, although May’s situation has been rather shaky since early parliamentary elections in June. The Conservative Party has also lost a small minority of the lower house in the elections at present and can only govern with the occasional external support of one of the protesters in Northern Ireland.


Sir Michael Fallon resigned last week, an investigation was launched against Damian Green, who since June has been in charge of a ministerial post without a portfolio minister in the government of Theresa May. As a precedent of the investigation, a journalist in the conservative British newspaper The Times wrote that Green had touched her knees for a couple of years at a common dinner, and told her “now a behavioral norm for sexual affairs” among parliamentarians.
This week, he was criticized by Foreign Minister Boris Johnson after an Iranian authorities have filed charges against Iranian-based anti-Iran propaganda against a Nazran Zaghari-Ratcliffe woman who was sentenced to five years in prison last year to overthrow the Iranian regime on trial.
On the basis of a new indictment, they may raise the imprisonment of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe for up to ten years.
The Opposition Labor Party demanded the resignation of Johnson after the incident.

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