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The Spanish Cultural Minister, appointed six days ago, has resigned European Union 

The Spanish Cultural Minister, appointed six days ago, has resigned

Announced his resignation on Wednesday by Spanish Minister of Culture and Sport Máxim Huerta on Wednesday in Madrid, just six days after his inauguration. The new head of the museum was José Guirao Cabrera, former museum director.

The article in the El Confidencial web site on Wednesday wrote that Máxim Huerta had to pay a fine of 366,000 euros (117,5 million forints) to the tax authorities due to a tax fraud of EUR 218,000 (70 million) committed between 2006 and 2008.
The former television journalist and presenter in these years recognized his earnings as a personal income tax, but through Almaximo Profesionales de la Imagen, a one-man company, so he paid a lower tax rate, the newspaper said.
“I did not commit a tax evasion,” said Máxim Huerta’s extraordinary press conference, recalling that this practice was completely universal in Spanish public life and “was not illegal” in those years.
As he said, however, the tax authorities decided to review these matters retroactively. “I paid this penalty twice: first I paid for what the tax authorities asked me for something that was not illegal at the time and I pay for the second time now,” he said.
She thinks she wants to undermine the Sánchez government’s project, but she can not afford it, so she tells her about her position and is convinced of the need for transparency.
The departing minister commented on the radio on Onda Cero in the morning and did not consider his resignation necessary, and considered the case closed, saying he had paid the fine and assumed the responsibility.
His resignation over the course of the day was demanded by the Conservative People’s Party (PP) and the leftist Unidos Podemos (Party together).
The Spanish press recalled one of his television interview in 2015 by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who talked about turning his government into paying less taxes than he needed to have to leave his post the next day.
The vacant post of cultural and sport ministry will be held in the future by José Guirao Cabrera, who has directed the Madrid Queen Sophia’s Museum between 1994 and 2001.
For the post of Minister, he leaves the headquarters of Fundación Montemadrid, which is responsible for several cultural centers in the capital. In addition, the specialist in the Madrid III. Chartered at Charles University.

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