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Senator Lindsey Graham asks the FBI for information about Trump’s investigation United States Of America 

Senator Lindsey Graham asks the FBI for information about Trump’s investigation

He asks the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for details of the investigation against US President Donald Trump, President of the Senate Justice Committee, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

As a close ally of Donald Trump, the Senator, in his interview with Fox Television, said he would ask the FBI Director to actually launch a counter-intelligence investigation to find out if the president was a potential agent.
The senator stated that if this examination was really done, the Congress should know about it. “How did the FBI do this? What kind of brakes and counterweight system does it have?” Graham expressed his concerns.
The New York Times reported on Saturday a website that the FBI launched an investigation against President Donald Trump in spring 2017, believing that it was serving Russian interests. Referring to unpublished sources, the paper claimed that the investigation, initiated by James Comey’s then FBI Director in May, had started in two strands: the question was whether Donald Trump knowingly or unknowingly worked for Moscow, the criminal and investigating whether President Comey had prevented the judiciary from being thrown out.
The White House spokesman immediately responded to the statements in the paper and described it as “absurd”.
On Saturday, Donald Trump refused allegations on Fox television, and at the same time denied the content of the article published on Saturday at The Washington Post, according to which his or her government members would withhold information on discussions with Vladimir Putin’s Russian president.
The Washington Post wrote that there are no detailed records available, even between encrypted documents recorded by Trump and Putin in their four-sided conversations in five different locations over the last two years. According to the paper, after his meeting with Putin in Hamburg in Germany in 2017, Trump called for the interpreter and asked him not to inform the US government.
On the question of the Fox television presenter, whether he worked or working for the Russians, Trump replied: “This is the worst thing I’ve ever asked me to do. reads, sees that they found absolutely nothing “.
Eliot Engel, Democratic President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives on Sunday, told the Public Service Radio (NPR) that the committee would examine the interactions between Trump and Putin. “It is our responsibility to explore what has happened between Trump and Putin in the interests of the country,” Engel said.
Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House of Commons Intelligence Committee, announced on Sunday’s Twitter account that he would summon the lawyer at the Trump-Putin meeting in Hamburg to the lawmakers.
Ted Cruz Texas Republican Senator defended Donald Trump on Sunday at NBC Television. The senator insisted that Donald Trump pursued a hard-line policy on Russia. Recalling the policy of Trump’s predecessor, Democratic Party Barack Obama, he stated: “If we objectively compare Trump Russia’s policy with Obama’s Russia policy, President Obama is far more promising in all respects, much less with Russia.” Cruz believed that this question “does not employ anyone outside Washington”.

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