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London can ban quickshot ads United Kingdom 

London can ban quickshot ads

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said it would be banned to advertise unhealthy foods on the entire London transport network, meaning that it would not be possible to promote hamburgers or sugary soft drinks on buses, the metro and stops.

If the mayor’s proposal is approved, unhealthy foods and drinks can be blocked across the entire London transport network – Khan believes it can prevent childhood obesity in the capital.

The proposal is supported by pediatric healthcare professionals, but the advertising federation would have little effect.

Transport Strategic Director for Transport for London (TfL) Lilli Matson said he supported Khan’s drive to provide healthier residents with city dwellers.

I am determined to help the Londoners with all possible means of building healthy eating habits. That is why I made a proposal for this ban, “Khan told BBC. Foods and beverages with high fat, salt and sugar would be affected by the ban.

According to the City Hall data, the largest proportion of overweight children in London is 40 percent of those aged 10 to 11 are overweight or obese.

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