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London builds close diplomatic relations for the period after Brexit        Brexit Big World 

London builds close diplomatic relations for the period after Brexit     

Financial Times (FT), a British business newspaper, reported that Prime Minister Theresa May embarks on Europe to establish close ties with individual countries for the period after Brexit.

Regardless of the small country or the non-conventional government, it is not possible to avoid the “embrace of London”, writes Tony Barber in his article.
The author reminded that some Western European countries and Brussels are attacking Prime Minister Viktor Orbán by virtue of undermining the rule of law and because the government provides economic benefits to “buddies” and oligarchs. While Theresa May’s government is obviously aware of these trends, however, the foreign policy of the Brexit era requires that London, as opposed to other Western European capitals, lock itself in the mouths of Hungarian domestic politics.
Greg Hands, Secretary of State for Trade and Investment Affairs at the British Ministry of Foreign Trade, visited Hungary last month, which he called the United Kingdom as a close friend of culture, common commercial values, science and innovation and defense cooperation.
In connection with the recent trip to Hungary by the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, the author recalled that he was “grateful” to the “warm welcome” of Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs of Hungary, in his Twitter message and positively evaluated “important foreign policy issues”.

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