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Shooting in Kentucky, two deadly victims United States Of America 

Shooting in Kentucky, two deadly victims

There was a shooting in a small town in Kentucky Wednesday night, and there are two deadly victims of the ambulance.

The shootout broke out in Jeffersontown at a grocery store. The shooter was captured and taken into custody.
Sam Rogers, the police chief of the city, told reporters: Not yet knowing what caused the suspect to commit. He did not name the suspect so he did not know whether he was a man or a woman. The police chief said that the culprit entered the shop and instantly released several shots at a nearby man who died instantly. The perpetrator ran to the parking lot in front of the shop, where he ran into a woman who was also shot dead. An unknown armed man shot at the shooter, but he managed to escape. The police took him in a couple of hours. Jeffersontown is about twenty miles southeast of Kentucky’s largest city, Louisville.

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