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Luc Besson’s new science fiction has produced more visual effects than Rouge One Movie 

Luc Besson’s new science fiction has produced more visual effects than Rouge One

In the city of Valerian and the thousands of planet cities, Luc Besson created a fantastic world with countless new extraterrestrial species, a crab and an intergalactic city. The French Sci-Fi has 2355 visual effects scenes, six hundred more than those in the Finger One, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

From Thursday, in the Hungarian cinemas, Valeriant was filmed for $ 180 million, making it the most expensive film of screenplay director Luc Besson. After one of his favorite comic strip series Valerian and Laureline, she dreamed and created the production with EuropaCorp, which she is the main shareholder.
In the film Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are special agents of the government entrusted with the rule of the universe. Their climber (Clive Owen) gives them a new mission: they must go to Alpha, the intergalactic city, where there are countless special alien species living together. But in the 17 million Megapolis, there are also hostile forces that can endanger humanity.
The 58-year-old French director has been producing sci-fit for the last 20 years, The fifth item was $ 90 million and had 250 special effects, including the famous floating taxi of Bruce Willis. Valerian’s budget was twice as good, but its spectacularness is also magnificent, enriching 2355 visual effects.
“We basically made the bluescreen every day, and we spent only two weeks in six months under traditional shooting conditions,” said Cara Delevingne.
The spectacular elements include a 500-story, cavernous alien marketplace, Megaptor, Scramble, Alpha Intergalactic Megapolis, and a luxury van, the Lexus Skyjet, created by Lexus design engineers. There are plenty of new extraterrestrials appearing in the film, including the dutch Doghan, a more than two-meter-long human-like CG creator, Igor Siruss, whose John Goodman lends his voice and ethereal Pearl beings who express their emotions with color change.
Pearl actors have been captured with motion capture technology. Most of them were modeled with models with which Delevingne worked together earlier.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is at least one detail in Valerian that is not new: the eye-catcher can see Bruce Willis’s former taxi for a short cut.


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