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Today, LOT’s first flight departs from Krakow to Budapest     Business Useful 

Today, LOT’s first flight departs from Krakow to Budapest  

LOT’s first flight starts on Saturday from Krakow to Budapest and is an important step towards establishing North-South transport infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe.

    According to the previous information, until May 20, five flights per week from May 21, until the end of the summer timetable until October 27, will have six flights per week between the two cities. The flights are equipped with 78 seats for the Polish national airline.
    According to the Consulate General, the launch of a new flight is an important part of “the major infrastructure development aimed at linking Central and Eastern Europe to economic threads”.
    He noted that while the establishment of a flight depends on the agreement between political decision-makers and economic experts in the two countries, other transport links will depend on other factors. Nevertheless, the high road development that connects Poland with Hungary, Via Carpatia is “stepping forward”, he pointed out.
    Between Krakow and Budapest there are several bus lines and one night train, the rail journey is more than 10 hours. On the route between Warsaw and Budapest there is a day and night train, the first one is 10 hours and the other is about 14 hours. In March this year, the Hungarian government decided on the detailed feasibility study of the Budapest-Warsaw high-speed railway line.
    The Warsaw-Budapest route runs LOT flights 4-5 times a day, with 6 Wizzair flights per week between the two capitals.

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