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Hungarian embassy they want to open in Scotland Scotland 

Hungarian embassy they want to open in Scotland

Be the Hungarian Consulate General in Edinburgh, Scotland asked Hungarians an EP representative, who said it would be an important step because of possible Scottish independence.
The Hungarian government to open its Consulate General in Edinburgh, Scotland, said in a statement asked Hungarians Ujhelyi István Socialist Party MEP and the receiving-class. The nearest embassy is located five hundred kilometers away, in London, which “is not only a cause for the administrative requirements sometimes insurmountable difficulties, for example, but also significantly limits their participation in the votes.”

The Scottish Government has its seat in Polish, Croatian, Slovak and Romanian Consulate General there, but only Hungary’s honorary consul, who has limited his options. In addition, the Brexin and “formulated in response to this particular Scottish independence aspirations justify” the establishment of the diplomatic mission, argues Ujhelyi István.
According to the release tens of thousands of Scotland, Edinburgh seven thousand Hungarians live.

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