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The Hungarian street fashion pioneer    Fashion 

The Hungarian street fashion pioneer  

Natal’s Drencseva is considered to be among the most popular Hungarian designers at the age of 24, mainly due to his persistence and impressive work experience. In her suits, loose, urban fashion and light elegance blend together.

Natali’s glamorous beauty and kindness is brilliantly reflected on the pieces of the brand, as he put it “inspiration from his own dreams”. However, the road to the road so far was long and clumsy, which he never pursued until he had reached the goal of his life. To be a designer.

In his interview, you can read the story of his success, in which   ANN’S   He also told us about his birth, his success and his plans.

How was planning? What was it that triggered fashion design?

It is very difficult to answer this question when I was 18 at the age of 18 when I was traveling to London to find a job instead of a legal career in fashion. After more than two years of blogging, I felt that I wanted to make my creativity even better and since I was dressing clothes since I was a little girl, somewhere I can say deeply that it was always my dream. The first collection I was drawn when I missed an airplane (a couple of days holiday) and then I thought it was a reason, it was time to hit it. For three days I did not come out of the apartment, I just drew it.

What does design mean to you?

For me design is a process that is a combination of many factors. Many people think that this is just a drawing. But the thing is far more complex. I can not summarize in a few words, but I’ll try. On one hand, it means a kind of freedom and fulfillment, since I have always wanted to do this. On the other hand, it is inconceivable to see something that comes out of my mind and then comes to a piece of paper as a sketch , made and completed. It’s great to see people love these products, and even the decisive events of their lives, just come to us to choose clothes, whether it’s their own wedding or stew. These little things make you really happy as a designer.

Nana’s has grown to become a well-known Hungarian brand E, but I’m sure it was not an easy road traveled thus far … What was it you learned and what you hold is always before eyes since the birth of your brand?

This is exactly what my book is about to write about.   I’ve had a lot of this problem and it’s almost impossible to summarize the difficulties of 3 years, because if I wanted to be honest, there was a lot more difficulty than success, but nowadays the social thanks to the media , what else to share with each other than our successes. Very few of the pitfalls, sacrifices and failures behind him. But, if I should raise something I never give up and that everything is possible, you just have to, and when you feel you can not get worse , you have to stand up, take on yourself and go on . Everything about willpower and endurance.

Today , the country is known by more and more domestic designers , but only one or two can survive and be recognized in the profession. Do you think it is necessary for someone not only to be popular but to be honest in the fashion world?

I think this is divided into two groups. Here, I think, I did not want to design or build a brand for the world of fashion or fashion . Before me, it always hovered to create a brand that gets to everyone. We also consider the price range available because when I was 20 years old I wanted to have a lot of designer pieces, but I could not afford it and I think so many of them are. NANA’S has achieved success and appreciation through its customers. Of course, professional recognition is also important, but in this case, I have a greater weight on the other side.

How do you draw ideas for a collection? What gives inspiration?

Variable. It’s just that something is going to slip out of my mind, I’m going to get a piece of paper and a pen and I’ll quickly write what I’ve dreamed of. I ‘m inspired by foreign fashion bloggers I’ve been tracking for years and of course tracking foreign trends and collections of great fashion houses. You have to see a photo, which you like a hollyelement, and when I build an entire outfit. In addition, people and buyers often inspire, as clothes are theirs. Many times I think about designing whether this dress will becomfortable or wearable.

How would you describe the NANA’S brand?

Many people say that they have a distinctive style of clothing that is recognizable to the whole, to me it is still very strange to this day, since it comes from within and naturally.When I started the brand, really nothing else floated in front of me, just to have affordable, wearable, yet trend-oriented clothes on the Hungarian market.

Those who have long been following and knowing where this is all started, today we are purchasing and thus have succeeded in building a very authentic brand and showing people that realizing dreams from zero is possible. Today I can boldly say that NANA’S is beginning to grow into a community. This myriad of events, special offer collection and charity has also proved, and I am most proud of this brand concerned.

A lot of people love your clothes and you have more business. What do you plan for the future?

I have a lot to do, but I’m always trying to concentrate on the present, because everything is happening there. Until now, I did not plan to open one store for years in advance, everything came from you. The current goal is to make the brand stand on a stable foot for foreign expansion and to finish my book.

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