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Hungary has joined the EU Artificial Intelligence Declaration European Union Tech 

Hungary has joined the EU Artificial Intelligence Declaration

Hungary joined the EU Artificial Intelligence Declaration, with the representatives of several EU countries on Digital Day on 10 April, together with József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH), signed the accession of Hungary to EU artificial intelligence cooperation.

According to NKFIH’s announcement to MTI, Member States are coordinating the research, application and legal regulation of artificial intelligence. Concerning the statement, the Visegrád countries have also published a separate resolution, emphasizing that improvements and collaborations in the area will be targeted in the future.

In January 2018, the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation published a thematic call with a one billion forints budget support for artificial intelligence-related research, which is well suited to the initiative in its goals and timing.

Research on artificial intelligence requires an internationally competitive knowledge and research background in a number of disciplines such as mathematics, robotics and machine learning, where several Hungarian research laboratories are ranked in the international forefront, says József Pálinkás. He added that the National Excellence Program’s thematic sub-program and the recently signed initiative will open new perspectives for targeted EU tenders for research groups and related industrial and research sites on the research topic as well.

At the Brussels meeting, the technological, legal, ethical issues and social impacts of artificial intelligence were also emphasized, highlighting the importance of education. The other, the so-called Innovation Radar initiative signed at the Digital Day, is aimed at analyzing the research results of the EU research and development community members and encouraging European utilization, “said NKFIH chairman.

According to the information, the signatories of the declaration undertake to support research and the introduction of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence in national programs; contribute to improving the accessibility of open data, necessary for the effective functioning of artificial intelligence; support the creation of a European Artificial Intelligence Alliance and encourage the involvement of national players.

NKFIH said: “For artificial intelligence research, the European Commission is already spending € 200 million a year as part of the Horizon 2020 innovation framework program. The Commission is expected to announce a comprehensive artificial intelligence strategy in April 2018, which will also propose a budget for the theme after the 2020 framework program. In the area of artificial intelligence, a Call for Proposals directly addressed in Brussels is currently open, with a deadline of April 2018, with a budget of EUR 20 million.

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