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There is almost threefold the price difference between the EU Member States European Union 

There is almost threefold the price difference between the EU Member States

There were very big differences in the price level of goods and services in the various Member States of the European Union last year: Denmark was the most expensive and Bulgaria’s cheapest, according to a report released on Thursday by the EU Statistical Office (Eurostat).

In terms of the average of the European Union, 100 per cent, the price level in Denmark was 139 per cent, 124 per cent in Ireland, 125 per cent in Luxembourg and Sweden. Prices in Bulgaria were the lowest, accounting for 48 percent of the EU average, followed by Romania by 52 percent, Poland by 53 percent and Hungary by 60 percent.
Regarding comparable food and non-alcoholic beverages, the price level ranged between 62% and 148% of the EU average. Denmark is the leader in this category with 148 percent, followed by Sweden (126 percent), Austria (123 percent), Luxembourg (121 percent) and Ireland and Finland (both 120 percent). The lowest prices in Romania and Poland (both 62 percent), Bulgaria (71 percent), and Hungary and Lithuania (both 80 percent).
There are large price differences in the category of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, basically because of taxes imposed on these articles under national jurisdiction. Bulgaria is the cheapest, 56 percent of the EU average, followed by Hungary, 67 percent, Poland 68 percent, and Romania 69 percent. Ireland and Great Britain are leading 175 and 162 percent, followed by Scandinavian countries, 135 percent in Finland, 128 percent in Sweden, and 122 percent in Denmark.
Restaurants and hotels are three times more expensive in Denmark than in Bulgaria. Hungary has 60 percent of the EU average, only Bulgaria (44 percent), Romania (53 percent) and Czech Republic (56 percent) lower prices. The most expensive Denmark, 150 percent, 144 in Sweden, 127 percent in Finland, and 127 percent in Finland.
In the category of electronic goods, passenger vehicles and clothing, the differences are not so brilliant.
In the category of electronic goods, the countries of the European Union moved between Poland’s 86 percent and Denmark’s 115 percent price level. In Hungary, 90 per cent of the EU average corresponded to the price level.
In Bulgaria, clothing is the cheapest, the price level is 81 percent of the EU average, followed by Hungary by 82 percent and Great Britain by 89 percent. In the opposite pole, in Sweden, this ratio was 136 percent.
For passenger vehicles, 78% in the Czech Republic and 146% in Denmark ranged between EU Member States. Hungary is 87 percent in the last third.

Source: MTI

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