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Manafort – Donald Trump’s campaign manager was found guilty in eight offenses by the jury United States Of America 

Manafort – Donald Trump’s campaign manager was found guilty in eight offenses by the jury

In eight counts of fraud, he found guilty by US President Jr.’s Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Last Thursday, a jury deliberating announced its decision to eight in 18 charges, but failed to reach agreement in ten. The former campaign manager was convicted of five counts of tax evasion, two bank fraud, and bank accounts held abroad.
Since there were ten further charges – including a financial fraud – that the jury could not go to court, a new court procedure could be launched in these accusations with a new jury. Prosecutors will have to make their decision before August 29th. The judge asked the jury not to comment on the press, as he said: “Their duty is to preserve the confidentiality of the matter”.
For the time being, the judge did not indicate the date of the sentence in the eight charges. According to press reports, for eight offenses, Manafort may be imprisoned for up to 80 years, but according to legal experts it will be punished for up to ten years in prison.
One lawyer from Manafort, Kevin Downing, issued a short statement that the defendant was “disappointed” for not being rescued by the jury at all charges.
President Donald Trump, who is on election campaign in West Virginia, said that “the Manafort case has nothing to do with it”. Trump called a “good man” for his campaign manager and criticized Robert Mueller’s Special Prosecutor, and the work of the panel of investigators he oversaw was “witch hunt.”
“Paul Manafort is a good man, working with Ronald Reagan, has worked with a number of other politicians over the years, and I’m really sad about it,” Trump said. He noted, however, that the accusations in which the campaign clerk was found guilty had nothing to do with the alleged collusion of the Russians during the campaign period.
“It’s a witch hunt, but it has nothing to do with the investigation (initiated by Mueller),” the president said.
Robert Mueller is the head of the special committee of inquiry to reveal a possible collusion between some staff members and Russian officials at the Donald Trump 2016 presidential election campaign. The investigations revealed Paul Manafort’s financial abuses, which the former campaign manager had committed for years before working for Donald Trump.

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