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Already in this century we discover extraterrestrials Interesting Facts 

Already in this century we discover extraterrestrials

According to Jill Tarter, one of the leading researchers at SETI Institute, we will discover first foreign forms of life by 2100 at the latest.
Jill Tarter made the statement in The Florent Institute of Technology, The Cosmic Perspective: Searching for Aliens, Finding Ourselves, “says IFLScience.

The expert is the head of Bernard M. Oliver’s chair of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Tarter’s goal is to increase the number of ATA (Allen Telescope Array) subscribers with such awareness-raising performances.

I think this century will cover life beyond Earth
Said Tarter’s audience. According to the researcher, alien life can be identified with biology or technology in the solar system or beyond the expanse.

The SETI Institute continued its work as a private organization after NASA launched its own program. In recent years, the Institute has been using the ATA to investigate around 20,000 nearby stars for artificial signs. Experts are confident that even more accurate measurements can be made with the development of the telescope.

According to Tarter, the telescope’s second-generation instruments have been designed, and now they are trying to collect the amount needed to implement them. The expert believes that developments are of the utmost importance for SETI, as it is a cross-generational research.

Apart from the ATA transformation, the institute is also working on the creation of Laser SETI. The purpose of this program is to find traces of the lasers created by alien civilizations in the night sky. To do this, 96 cameras would be placed at 12 different points of the Earth, which would be observable in visible and infrared light.

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