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The fastest Volkswagen is already on the mountain Tech 

The fastest Volkswagen is already on the mountain

I’ve lready been tested in Colorado for the I.D. R t. The brutal electric prototype of the Volkswagen Pikes Peak mountain range is beyond its first mountain mileage, which is confirmed by this video by the Germans.

We are only three weeks from this year’s Pikes Peak, the biggest event of the year’s mountain racing events. In addition, this year, it is particularly exciting as Volkswagen has guessed it will try again on the mountain after twenty-one years and has built a car that might even bring Sebastien Loeb’s five-year 8: 13 record. The record that Peugeot built from a different direction: a mid-engine, bit-turbo V6 engine with 875 hp. This is the peak that is now one of the standards of VW I.D. R itself.

Volkswagen also goes with a Frenchman, Pikes Peaken, three-time winner Romain Dumas, for his record attempt. The ID. R is powered by two electric motors with 670 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque and comes with 1100 kg of car. This does not sound as promising as Peugeot’s 1 horsepower / 1 kilogram, but it says that the track starts at 1440 meters above sea level and ends at 4,300 meters, so that much is so rare that it has already been they feel the internal combustion engines, as opposed to electric drives.

At the end of June we will see where I will be enough. Q. If Loeb’s 8:13 spaceball is in jeopardy, it’s hard to pinpoint, but the Peak Pik Peak Peak at 8:57 is the minimum you want to get home from the Volkswagen Colorado.


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