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Have Christopher Columbus fought with cinnamon against the pounds? Gastronomy Useful 

Have Christopher Columbus fought with cinnamon against the pounds?

The Romans used cinnamon to treat digestive problems and respiratory diseases, while ancient Egyptians used to die: they had a prominent role in mummification. Indeed, Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama have been looking for cinnamon in their world-famous discoveries.

Cinnamon slows down the fat storage process, reduces the risk of heart attack, unhealthy eating, and helps digestion.

You can increase the blood sugar and cholesterol levels of type 2 diabetics in an appropriate amount. It also has a beneficial effect on insulin resistance, an excellent antioxidant source and anti-inflammatory.

In addition, researchers at the Chicago Medical Center at Chicago’s Rush University found that cinnamon improves learning abilities and memory in a mouse experiment. During the study, they looked at the difference between the brains of the good and the weaker students.

Thanks to cinnamon, the amount of CREB increased in the minds of mice, so their memory improved.

Researchers say that it is necessary to carry out tests on humans, but the results are already desirable.

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