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The number of applicants to the Szeged Rocks in spring was over four hundred         Festival Music 

The number of applicants to the Szeged Rocks in spring was over four hundred      

The drummers, bass guitars, guitarists and singers who have been present at Szeged Rocks already have over four hundred, and amateur and professional musicians will perform four songs on the Dóm Square on April 21, “Ferenc Gajda, the organizer of the MTI, informed.

Everyone is waiting for everyone to play from young children to veterans until April 10th. The most recent musician is only 12 years old and the oldest is seventy. Numerous music schools and orchestras have signaled their participation in several country and abroad, and one of the main goals of the organizers – even those who have only played at home between the four walls in their own pet.
One of Hungary’s most beautiful spots will be Billy Idol’s most famous White Wedding, 1981, the British rock band, Blur Song 2, 1997, the first single of Tankcsapda’s 2000 single This House and from Sun City in Szeged to Unconscious.
The special event organized on the Italian idea is aimed at promoting live music and rock. The event is held in the morning with rehearsals, the afternoon is the most spectacular – and at the same time loudest – part of the day, the concert and concerts entertain the audience and the contributors of the unusual production.
The organizers will assist with the “mankow videos” organized by the organizers, including the Zoltán Czutor (Belmondo, Nyers) and Béla Papes (PartyArtsOk), guitar: Attila Deák (Variola, Sun City), bass: István Himmer (Sonic Temple, Variola, Sardinelli), drums: Dér István (Sonic Temple, Cumin seed).
The idea of organizers has attracted interest from other settlements, so in the near future a similar type of event can be held in Kiskőrös and Lakitelek, so the presenting musicians at Szeged Rockson can also play in other venues.
On the day of the biggest music flash of Hungary, the web archive of Szeged’s pop music life from the 1960s to the present day will be launched, featuring videos, photos and orchestral descriptions. The unique initiative in the country aims to present the city’s rich musical past to motivate future bands.

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