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March 15 – Washington: influential American politicians have honored the Hungarian national celebration      Big World 

March 15 – Washington: influential American politicians have honored the Hungarian national celebration   

In the Capitol of Washington, influential American politicians honored the Hungarian national celebration and then bribed Lajos Kossuth’s bust in the Capitol.

At the ceremony, László Szabó, after having welcomed the American ambassador of Hungary, in which he praised the significance of the Revolution and War of Independence in 1848, Hungarian liberties and the European role of Hungary, said Elisabeth Millard, Deputy Chief State Secretary, Andy Harris of Maryland, Steve King iowai and Dennis Ross is a florid congress representative.
Elisabeth Millard highlighted the very close alliance between the United States and Hungary, specifically mentioning that Americans and Hungarians are serving together in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, and face a common set of challenges such as Russia. “The United States firmly allies its national sovereignty,” emphasized Elisabeth Millard.
Steve King, who recently visited Hungary, spoke of the Hungarians’ freedom of liberty, recalled a meeting with Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary and Prime Minister’s Office, who spoke the civilization of the European continent. “This is an inspiration not only for Hungary, but for the whole of Europe,” said the politician. He also emphasized that the United States and Hungary share common values: common values rooted in Jewish-Christian culture, respect for the rule of law, love of the freedom given to God by all. “This is the foundation that has brought freedom to the world,” said Steve King, adding “Hungary is a real gold currency”.
Andy Harris and Dennis Ross – two co-chairmen of the Hungarian caucus of the congress – spoke in their speeches to their Hungarian roots, and Dennis Ross longed for Lajos Kossuth, who circled the United States after the fall of the Revolution and War of Independence in 1848-49. The Florida representative quoted Kossuth as saying in Ohió, who later encouraged US President Abraham Lincoln: “Everything for the people and everything by the people, nothing from the people without the people, this is the democracy and the guiding spirit of our age.”
Zsigmond Perényi, deputy secretary of state for international affairs of the Prime Minister’s Office, who congratulated the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight, congratulated the congregation, saying that his ascendant was Zsigmond Perényi, who was the president of the Hungarian Diet’s Upper House, after the Revolution was fired because it was named after the Independence Declaration adopted in Debrecen in 1849. There was also the co-worker of the US Congress Library, guarding more than a quarter million Hungarian relics, in the ceremony room and presenting some of the library’s books about Lajos Kossuth.
László Szabó, Hungarian ambassador and American politicians, then choked the Kossuth bunk at the Rotunda of the Capitol.

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