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Mars simulation began in Oman’s deserted desert     Interesting Facts Tech 

Mars simulation began in Oman’s deserted desert   

A four-week expedition that simulates Martian conditions began in a distant desert in Oman, continuing the previous simulations, investigating technical difficulties for astronauts coming to Mars and robotic explorers helping their work. Near the border of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the surface of the Dzofar desert with its shadows and sloping river banks is almost similar to Mars.

In the Arabian peninsula, the temperature can reach up to 51 degrees Celsius and extreme conditions can only be tolerated by a small number of animals and plants. All this has been enough to serve as a reason for more than 200 scientists in 25 countries to implement the Amadee-18 Mars simulation here. The Marsani Basin is located in the eastern corner of an infinite dune: the 2.4-ton inflatable building made up of hemispheres bounded by covered corridors embraces laboratories and containers of crew crews.

The government of the Middle East has offered the UN Space Committee meeting to welcome the forthcoming simulated Mars mission of the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF).

Researchers from around the world sent experimental ideas for the Amadee-18 program, which ultimately carried out 16 scientific experiments, including a “rogue robot” and a “one-man spaceship” test of Aouda, nearly 50 kilograms, .

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