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Martin Scorsese organizes a documentary about Bob Dylan Movie 

Martin Scorsese organizes a documentary about Bob Dylan

Martin Scorsese is an Oscar-winning American filmmaker on a documentary tour of Bob Dylan’s legendary singer, songwriter, poet in 1975, quoted Netflix’s announcement on The Guardian’s news portal.

In the film about the Rolling Thunder Revue concert tour, there will also be new interviews with Dylan, writes the streaming provider, who will be broadcasting this year’s program.
According to the Film Portal, the Rolling Thunder Revue: Bob Dylan Story will be a less classic documentary than Scorsese’s 2005, No Direction Home of Dylan, which became famous for his singing, moving to New York in July 1966 about the temporary withdrawal of the engine after an accident.
On the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, a number of unrepresentative teams from a number of prominent performers traveled between October 1975 and May 1976. The film’s autumn concerts, including Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Bette Midler, Emmylou Harris and Allen Ginsberg, also performed with Dylan, but the singer’s mother also appeared. Dylan often stood on the stage with a white painted face.
One of the most famous concert series in rock history, he wrote in Clinton Heylin’s music critics 1991’s Dylan biography, that one of the best music “ever performed by the singer with live music” was heard at these concerts. In 2002, an album was released from the recordings of the tour.
Scorsese is not the only one to shoot about Dylan, director of the Call to Your Name, Luca Guadagnino, based on the musician Blood on the Track 1975, written by Richard LaGravenese, Legend of the Fisher King and Bridge Scriptwriter.

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