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May: Ambitious plans are needed to accelerate the Brexit negotiations         Brexit European Union 

May: Ambitious plans are needed to accelerate the Brexit negotiations      

Ambitious plans need to be devised at the meeting of Heads of State or Government of the EU Member States in order to move forward in negotiations on the untying of the United Kingdom’s EU membership, the British Prime Minister said Thursday in Brussels shortly before the EU summit began.

At a brief press conference, Theresa May stressed, the meeting will look at what “concrete progress” has been made in the round of negotiations and ambitious plans for the next few weeks.
He added that, in particular, mutual agreement on the rights of citizens should be reached as a matter of urgency.
May stated at the same time that the two-day meeting was not the only topic of Brexit, including security and defense policy matters, as well as the issue of migration and terrorism. As you have said, in the latter two areas as well as in the other common challenges, your country will continue to work closely with the European Union after the exit.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel reported before the meeting that progress had been made in the negotiations on the conditions for British exemption, but this is not enough to begin the second round of negotiations, but there is a chance that it will be able to move forward in December next EU summit.
Merkel said that the will of the British should be respected but he hoped to establish a close relationship between the parties.
In his press conference, the Chancellor also briefly affected the Catalan situation and expressed his support for Madrid and warned that the conflict should be settled within the framework of the Spanish constitution.
He also stressed that EU financial assistance to Ankara should be reduced due to “negative domestic developments in Turkey”.
French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that he expects the leaders of the Member States will give their assent to the Spanish government and that the remaining countries after the withdrawal of the British will remain unified in the negotiations on the Brexit.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that the United Kingdom should first and foremost come up with a clear proposal to settle its financial obligations vis-à-vis the EU, and it is not possible to move forward.

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