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A Muslim vanished from a mosque in a van in London United Kingdom 

A Muslim vanished from a mosque in a van in London

 A van took a pedestrian on Monday morning in the north of London near a mosque. According to the final data of Scotland Yard early in the morning, one person was killed and eight injured were taken to a hospital. British Prime Minister Theresa May called the incident as a potential terrorist attack, the British Muslim Council said it was an act of Islamic hatred.

    The largest community organization in the British Muslim community reported that the van intentionally fired members of the mosque community who left the evening prayer after Ramadan fasting.
    General Secretary of the British Council of Muslims, Harun Khan, said in a Monday morning statement: According to witness statements, it appears that the perpetrator was led by Islamic hatred.
    Khan added that the Muslim community has experienced numerous incidents of Islamic hatred in recent weeks and months, but Monday’s attack was the most violent manifestation of the phenomenon so far.
    Harum Khan said, as the Ramadan ends, many Muslims will visit the Mosques, and the Council expects the authorities to urgently step up the security of the mosques’ neighborhood.
    Monday’s incident at dawn occurred near the Finsbury Park’s mosque’s Muslim cultural center on Seven Sisters Road.
    Scotland Yard’s Monday morning summed up that one man died on the spot and that eight rescuers had been hospitalized.
    The London police said police stationed on the scene detained the truck driver, a 48-year-old man who had been arrested by the passers-by after the attack.
    According to the police announcement, the detainees were taken to hospital and, as soon as they leave, they are imprisoned and later examined their mental state.
    According to Scotland Yard’s report, unlike previous media reports, there is no news that anyone would suffer from delayed injuries. The police do not even know that the perpetrator had had companions, although this is still being investigated.
    Online news sites reported in the dawn that the van headed out of the vehicle after the run-off and tapped at least one man. There were also reports that the driver of the vehicle had two companions who fled the scene.
    The criminal investigation is directed by the terrorist command of Scotland Yard.
    British Prime Minister Theresa May described the incident as a terrible incident in Monday’s statement. The head of government added that the events that the British government are handling are potential terrorist attacks.
    At the beginning of June, three terrorists fired a van on the London Bridge, where he was peddled with pedestrians, and tapped a lot of people around the nearby market at Borough Market. They killed seven in the attack, 48 were injured. The outgoing armed police unit killed all three assassins within eight minutes of the first announcement.
    On March 22, a lone attacker, 52-year-old Khalid Masood, hired a pedestrian between the pedestrians on the crowded sidewalk of Westminster Bridge next to the London Parliament, then got out and tore one of the policemen guarding the entrance to the parliament who lost his life. The assassination, along with the murdered policeman, was five deadly victims. The armed guard of the parliament has shot the attacker.
    The perpetrators of the two terrorist acts were led by extremist Islamic ideology.
    The imam of the Finsbury Park mosque was two decades ago by the infamous rhetorician, notorious adept, Abu Hamza el-Masri, but his own community removed it from the mosque in 2003.
    The Egyptian-born Abu Hamza, originally known as Musztafa Kamal Musztafa, who has been married to British citizenship since his marriage, was sentenced to seven years in Britain in 2006, for example by disseminating racist ideology and inciting prey to violence.
    The British authorities have issued Abu Hamza in 2012 to the United States, where he was sentenced to life for two years in prison for terrorism.
    Hamza’s activities at that time were condemned by the British Muslim Council in several declarations.


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