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Putin’s support came to a standstill due to the planned pension reform Big World 

Putin’s support came to a standstill due to the planned pension reform

Demeter Pogár, MTI correspondent means:
Although its support has declined from 58 to 48 percent last August, President Vladimir Putin is now Russia’s most popular politician, according to a survey released by the Yuri Levada Independent Analytical Center on Tuesday.

The head of state is followed by Sergey Sojgu’s defense minister with 19 percent (30 percent last year). The leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, 14 (13), and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, 9 (11) percent, will continue in the leading field by 14 (2017 in 287), Vladimir Zsirinovsky, 14 (13).
According to the institute’s experts, the decline in support for government politicians was caused by the planned pension reform. The survey was carried out at the end of June on a sample of 1600 people in 136 Russian settlements.
Government plans to raise retirement age were presented by Prime Minister Medvedev on June 14, the opening day of the World Bank. The idea is to raise the age limit for women by 2034 from 55 to 63 years and 60 to 65 for men by 2028.
In Russia, and more precisely in the Soviet Union, the retirement age was established in 1932, which has not been since then. Against the reform, besides the insistence on the social achievements of the Soviet era, many of the indignation that the upward retirement age for men reaches the limit of their present life expectancy.

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