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Awesome numbers from the prince’s wedding British Royal Family 

Awesome numbers from the prince’s wedding

There is only a month left until the new British royal wedding, that is, Prince Harry and his uncle, Meghan Markle, to marry. The members of the couple say on May 19 the happiness of the affair, certainly in the midst of a giant frenzy, not only for the British but also for the international press to focus on the event. Economists’ eyes are on the backdrops: they have already calculated how much performance the royal friar generates in the British economy.

Huge money moves and moves in the UK economy thanks to the fact that the second son of the late Diana Princess Harry leads altogether to the choir, American actress Meghan Markle. Markle is already over a marriage, but frigyre II. Queen Elizabeth, though informally, but also blessed, British women are unlikely to be interested in this: they want to dress and appear as many as Meghan Markle, and therefore – primarily – British clothing and fashion companies especially they may be grateful to them.

He does not advertise, he sets up trends

Origo also reported that although royal weddings typically have a beneficial effect on the economy of a particular country, the only exception to this was Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding. Her brother, Prince Harry’s marriage, however, is again turning a trend as expected. Not just a new cryptovaluta, but a concrete economic performance associated with the next Windsor wedding.

CNBC reports reveal that some of the English women are literally buying everything Harry has chosen for his public appearances. His wedding ring, his coat, his handbag, his skirt, and a tiny addition, a barely noticeable cuff on the bride’s alpaca jacket; all of them are products that have been overshadowed by the fact that they have been seen by the women of Prince Harry.

And Meghan-mania does not seem to get stuck, but it just gets stronger as the wedding approaches. For example, a group of entrepreneurs announced that they will open a special shop soon in one of London’s rugged areas where they will only sell clothes and accessories and brands that members of the royal family will wear so that everyone can get dressed.

Marketing experts added: Prince Vilmos’s wife, Princess Katalin, Meghan Markle was in fact almost an unexpected surplus for commerce. “Foam on the Cake”, who does not differ significantly from Princess Katalin in his dressing and style, so he makes it easier for consumers to identify. With their appearance, the princes’ choices have triggered and launched trends that are much more effective than advertisements.

Some, especially smaller companies are already warning that the waiting times for some of their products have been considerably increased, the orders of which had jumped after Markle had worn or used them. For example, one of his handbags was manufactured by a tiny businessman with so many orders running on the product, waiting for at least a few weeks.

Others also point out that Markle felt more conscious about clothing and accessories than Kate Middleton, who was not aware at first of what she had been doing in the British economy with public appearances. Many people comment on Markle, paying attention to buying from companies, for example, doing charity activities.

The Windsor House meets Hollywood

Meghan Markle in the United States is more like a protagonist of a Cinderella story, and less important for dressing for the people or spending on their clothes.

Pauline MacLaran, a book on the relationship between the British monarchy and consumer culture, says that the Americans see the prospective princess in Markle, who links Hollywood with the British royal house, in a special way reinforcing the transatlantic alliance.

And he pounds a lot of money into the British economy.

The economics of Brand Finance, an expert group on the economic affairs of the monarchy, estimates that the direct impact of Meghan-mania on the wedding is expected to be 150 million pounds, or about 53 billion forints.

This is a direct effect on Markle’s dress and clothing and the women’s purchases of mimicry. The expected economic performance of the wedding will be even greater. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will each other receive eternal fidelity while moving around £ 1 billion (about 355 billion forints) in the United Kingdom.

Nearly a third of this – £ 300m – will be the performance of tourism, when London’s hotels will be crowded with those who watch the events on May 19 on the spot. Among them, it is believed that many will arrive to the British capital from the United States.

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