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The world’s first floating nuclear power plant has arrived at the North Pole Big World 

The world’s first floating nuclear power plant has arrived at the North Pole

At the end of the week, Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant came to the port of Murmansk. In the port, they prepare the power plant for their first mission. According to Roszatom, the manufacturer of the Lomonoszov Academy, a new construction can revolutionize the supply of isolated regions.
The powerhouse drove on Saturday in Murmansk, where it was dragged from St. Petersburg. The ship will be fueled by nuclear fuel in Murmansk, and then it will travel to Csukcsföld to stream the city of Pevek, separated by the 86 km wide Bering Strait from Alaska. The floating power plant has to replace a coal-fired power plant and an aging nuclear power plant, but according to Roszatom, the new model can provide power to fifty thousand people.

Roszatom’s old plan is to develop a mobile nuclear power plant. With this new device, electricity can be taken to Russia’s hard-to-reach areas that are blocked from the world. The mobile power plant can provide the power supply of the area for a period of 3-5 years.

Environmental lobbyists and green energy enthusiasts have repeatedly expressed concern about the project. Greenpeace called the nuclear power plant a straight nuclear Titanic. Several environmental groups wrote a joint letter to Alexei Lihacsov, the CEO of Roszatom, who demands strict compliance with the safety regulations.

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