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His autonomy was dispelled from Catalonia European Union 

His autonomy was dispelled from Catalonia

The Spanish government deprived Catalonia of its autonomy and officially took control of the province, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Soroya Saenz de Santamaria – the BBC writes.
The tough measures were taken by the country’s leadership that on Friday the Catalan Parliament voted and proclaimed the Catalan Republic just ahead of the Spanish Senate’s decision to dissolve the Catalan government. The Spanish government urges early elections to be held on 21 December, with Saenez de Santamaria being appointed as head of the interim. After the Catalan government has been replaced, it does not seem to accept the situation, the former president encourages democratic resistance.

Madrid and Europe are pushing for Catalonia to declare independence
Catalonia voted to secede by the Spanish government’s dissolution of the Catalan parliament and announced a new election on 21 December. Strong states in Europe do not support the proclaimed Catalan Republic.

According to MTI’s report, the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, who exercised the Catalan presidency, convened in the afternoon the state secretaries and deputy state secretaries of the Spanish ministries to decide on the tasks involved in the various areas.
For example, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior is responsible for overseeing the Catalan police. As a first step, Spanish Archbishop José Ignacio Zoido has canceled the Catalan police chief Josep Lluis Trapero, replacing Ferrán López, chief inspector, who has so far been responsible for the territorial coordination of the Catalan police and was the second man of the body.
Pere Soler, Director-General of the Catalan police, who was saved by the Spanish Prime Minister on Friday afternoon. Soler accepted his dismissal, and in his letter he underlined his conviction that Catalan police would continue to work under any direction while respecting the rights of citizens.
“We have tried to make this process that Catalonia today does not touch the normal functioning of the Catalan police, but unfortunately this is not the case,” wrote the outgoing leader, who said “extremely unfair” to question the Catalan police’s professionalism.
According to information published in the Spanish press, it is expected that the Spanish government will have to drop about 150 high-ranking Catalan government officials.

The Independence Party went out of the way from Catalonia on Friday afternoons. Madrid on Saturday early afternoon also held a demonstration, supporters of the Spanish national unity to express the rejection of the Catalan declaration of independence. Spending the Spanish national flag completely filled the Plaza de Colon in downtown. “Long live in Spain! Long live Catalonia!” – scandalized, and many raised “Together” signs in the sky. Supporters of the Spanish unit are expected to arrive in Barcelona on Sunday for a large screen dress.

The Catalans at the diplomatic level were left alone after the proclamation of independence, not just Madrid, but virtually the entire EU communicated with all its powerful nations that it did not support the decision.

The Catalan government, which had been exempted from office, did not have much to come to terms with, however, on Saturday afternoon in Barcelona, ​​Carles Puigdemon called for a “democratic resistance” against the application of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. Puigdemon was dismissed on Friday by the Spanish Prime Minister on the basis of the authorization given by the Senate.
“In a democratic society, parliament chooses or rescues the president,” he said.
At the beginning of the pre-recorded television statement by the Catalan politician, the Catalan government had fulfilled its promise by the local parliament voted on Friday to propose the creation of an independent “Catalan Republic”.
At the same time, he asked to respect the protests by Catalans who disagreed with the “majority of the Catalan parliament” and called for patience, endurance and non-violence, peace-keeping.
“We are continuing to build a free country,” he emphasized, then continued to pursue a society in which less injustice, greater equality, solidarity and fraternity with all the people of the world. “Starting with the people of Spain to whom we want to engage with mutual respect and recognition,” said Catalan politician at the end of his speech.

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