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The number of people over 359,000 has exceeded the number of people on the list      Other 

The number of people over 359,000 has exceeded the number of people on the list   

The number of 359 thousand who passed the parliamentary elections in April exceeded the number of voters who did not have a Hungarian address; the registration requires a vote in the letter, according to the National Election Office’s (NVI) Saturday morning data.

On the site, the legible information does not indicate which countries have received the request, but the country in which the applicant requests notification of their registration.
According to this, most of the 359 258 registered voters were asked to send NVI the registration notice to Romania (153 084) and to Serbia (51 706).
Germany had 3561, the United States of America 1356, Canada 1053, 871 in Switzerland, 771 in Great Britain, 722 in Australia, 581 in Sweden, 2276 in Hungary, 2276 registration. In the case of dual citizenship, 21 393 requested notification, and 118 155 emails.
In the spring parliamentary elections, Hungarian citizens without foreign permanent residence in Hungary can vote in a letter. To do this, you have to register at NVI first, then the office will send the voter file, including the ballot paper, to the voter.
Anyone who has already successfully registered does not have to submit a new application because it is valid for the previous ten years. Registration is possible until March 24th.
Voters who do not have Hungarian citizenship can vote in a letter and only on a national list.
At the time of the 2014 parliamentary elections, there were 193,000 voters and 274,000 voters who did not live in Hungary during the 2016 referendum.

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