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A Russian investigative journalist died, dropping out of a window Big World 

A Russian investigative journalist died, dropping out of a window

A Russian investigative journalist, the Makhachi Borogyin, in Ekaterinburg, died on April 12, when he was on the fifth floor of his apartment window, RadioFreeEurope said.

The 32-year-old Borogyin died in the hospital on April 15, a coma since the fall. His death is officially considered suicide, according to police spokesman, it is unlikely that crime has occurred since Borogyin’s door was locked from the inside and there was no trace of violent intrusion. Housing keys were found inside the apartment and no suicide bills were found.

Polina Rumjantceva, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Novij Gyeny (Borogyin), said that she did not think suicide had happened.

He is also based on the fact that a friend of Borogyin said the journalist had contacted him on April 11, at 5 o’clock in the early morning and said that his neighborhood was full of “security men” wearing camouflage suits and masks. He said Borogyin was confused, but he did not seem hysterical nor drunk. She told her that she thought they would search her apartment, but they were still waiting for a command and asked her friend to find a lawyer.

But an hour later, he called back and said he was probably wrong, and some kind of practice could be done by the men in the field clothes. He did not call his friend Borghini anymore, waited for her to sign up but did not tell her, and the friend read on the 13th in the press that she was found under her window and taken to the hospital.

Borogyin has often been writing about corruption and crime, for example, in recent weeks, for example, dealing with the case of Russian mercenaries who were killed in February in Syria.

Index / Photo: X Soviet News

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