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She died II. Elizabeth’s last corgi, Willow British Royal Family 

She died II. Elizabeth’s last corgi, Willow

Destroyed II. Queen Elizabeth’s last member of the corgi dynasty, Willow – writes the Guardian. This means that the royal family has the II. For the first time since World War I have no Corgi. Willow had a nice day, he was almost 15 years old, he was suffering from cancer, and after a while he was paralyzed.

Willow came from the corgit named Susan, a descendant of the 14th generation. Elizabeth Susant was given the gift of her 18th birthday in 1944, and she was still a princess. The Queen has had 30 corgies since Susan.

In 2015, Erzsébet stopped breeding the royal corgi, because she did not want her to stay after she died.

Elisabeth still had two dogs, but they are not corgik, but they drift, that is, dachshund and corgi blends, called Vulcan and Candy. They were born from the wedding of one of Margaret’s daughters, Pipkins and Elizabeth’s corgijas.

Source: Photo: Körké

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