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Montserrat Caballé died Culture 

Montserrat Caballé died

Montserrat Caballé, who was eighty-five years old, died of a Spanish soprano, one of the most active opera singers of the past century, according to AFP News Agency and Madrid’s El País.

Montserrat Caballé died at the hospital in Sant Pau, Barcelona, on Saturday morning. From the singer on Sunday, they will have a final goodbye and will be burial on Monday. María de Montserrat Bibiana Concepción Caballé and Folch was born in Barcelona in 1933 and was named after the city’s famous pilgrimage site. At the Barcelona Conservatory he graduated with the highest gold award at the age of twenty. In 1956, he became a member of the Basel Opera House, where he was a great success as a Mimie of the Puccini Bohémélet, and since then he has had great roles.

In 1965, Fame received his wings on a single night: in New York, he replaced the sickly Marilyn Horne in the concert of Donizetti Lucrezia Borgia’s concert performance. The audience celebrates with a twenty-five minute standing applause, the next day he offered the Metropolitan opera contract. In 1972, the audience of Covent Garden in London was able to admire the voice of Violetta in Verdi’s Traviata.

Caballé’s repertoire embraced 90 operas – mostly Verdi, Mozart, Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini and Puccini – and embraced 800 songs, and he also loved singing Spanish songs and zarzulu. Her husband was a tenor singer from Bernabé Martí, she became a singer from her daughter, and her mother and daughter met her on several occasions.

Following the death of Maria Callas in 1977, many of Caballes were regarded as the descendants of the “divine diva”, but instead of temperament, he placed the weight on the beauty of the voice and the clarity of the ring instead of the temperament. The lyrical soprano formations were made to be memorable by its flexible tone, clear melody and bel canto style. Tosca himself, on July 20, 1974, considered the peak of his career when singing the highest voices in the Arios of Vissi d’Arte with a single breath.

From the beginning of the 1990s, the then overweight diva focused on concerts instead of opera operas. He has given his name for countless charity events and became UNESCO’s ambassador. He was delighted with the talent of young talents, and he discovered, among other things, Starring José Carreras.

His name was even more familiar with the song “Barcelona”, which he sang together with Freddie Mercury, Queen’s singer, and which was the official hall of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, which seven years later performed live at the UEFA Champions League final in Barcelona Nou stadium. In the second half of the 1990s, Caballé made a record with other rock stars.

The singer spent more than five and a half decades on stage, with four thousand performances of one of the most influential singers of all time.

He has performed several times in Hungary, performing at the Budapest Spring Festival and the Szeged Open Air Games. In 2012, he received a slight stroke in one of his acts, broke his clavicle, needed surgery and hospitalization. Because of his health, he has rarely been in the last few years.

The voice of a singer named “La Montse” and “La Superba” in her native country can be heard in several films. He received numerous awards for the Grammy Award and was included in the Gramophone Music Concert Hall, created by the British Music Ensemble Gramophone.

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