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Meghan Markle will kick off a century-long tradition British Royal Family 

Meghan Markle will kick off a century-long tradition

The American actress (now only in fact) is expected to say hello to her own wedding this year, with Prince Harry, and ignores a century-long tradition.

At the wedding of May 19, Meghan Markle, his father, 73-year-old Thomas Markle, will lead an altar (otherwise he previously worked as a lighter in Hollywood). What is more and more seems to be the joy of living with the opportunity to say hello, which can be understood in the knowledge of the circumstances.

There will be 800 invitations to attend, which is a tough challenge in itself, but to speak to the British ruling family (and of course Elizabeth II), so we do not envy those who are in this position.

In any case, if Thomas Markle does not accept it, the present state of affairs (and the Sunday Times) say that the newlywed wife will say the greeting that has not been in the United Kingdom for centuries.

Meghan Markle (who, on the other hand, becomes a princess on the wedding day) is supposed to throw a few jokes in the basically very emotional speech, which is expected to (and according to the newspaper) thank the royal family and personally II. Elizabeth, and, of course, Prince Harry.

Meghan’s career as an actress can only handle the task more easily than her father, but as a spokesman for UN Women’s Initiative Initiative, she regularly speaks to the public, such as Secretary-General Ban Ki Mun.

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