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The Goffriller cello, which was abducted near Paris, was abducted Other 

The Goffriller cello, which was abducted near Paris, was abducted

On Saturday, Ophélie Gaillard’s cello artist Goffriller, an unrivaled cello, was stolen two days before he was abducted near Paris – the artist said.

“I received an anonymous call at noon that the cello was parked in front of the car in a car. I found it in the back seat,” he said.
According to France2’s public service television news, the window of your cellist’s neighbor’s car was broken and the instrument was put in the car.
On the Facebook page of the French cello, he wrote that when he left his home in Pantin, north of Paris, on Thursday, someone knocked and picked up his instrument, then blew it off.
He asked for help to find the 1.3 million-euro 18th-century instrument from which photos were published.
As for the violinists Stradivari, the cello players are Gofriller. Matteo Goffriller (1659-1742) was a Venetian instrument maker who became famous for his cello music world-wide.
On the instrument he made it was Latin that it was made in his workshop, and in the case of Gaillard’s cello in the year 1737 – when the instrument was made. But he only put a small amount of instruments to avoid paying taxes to the Venetian authorities.
Ophélie Gaillard borrowed the world-famous instrument as a donation from a bank.

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