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Surprising secrets about Kennedy’s killer and Jack Ruby’s relationship     Interesting Facts United States Of America 

Surprising secrets about Kennedy’s killer and Jack Ruby’s relationship  

DALAS – Jacob Rubenstein († 55), better known as Jack Ruby, two days after killing John Fitzgerald Kennedy († 46), killed Lee Harvey Oswald († 24) with cold blood.

Kennedy’s newly published genres reveal a surprising relationship between Oswald and the little-known Ruby.

The pair were seen together at Florida’s Key West airport just a few weeks before the assassination. According to the files, Oswalds talked to each other using a code system. – Have you heard anything about the “big bird”? Oswald Ruby asked from the aerodrome manager George Faraldo.

Both men wore comfortable attire, sporty pants, and tees. The Ruby traveled to Cuba with a thirty-forty-member hippy group, where they cut their sugar cane. Faraldo had already noticed at the airport that Ruby was particularly behaved.

Ruby spent most of his time with the group, but at the gateway from the waiting room to the entrance hall, “the manager told the investigators. This relationship, according to experts, may put new light on who was in the interests of actually killing Kennedy.

After Oswald was imprisoned after the assassination, Ruby had only one chance to liquidate when the police handed over from Dallas State Department to County Prison. It was then that he opened fire at Oswald when he was caught with two detectives, so he was the most vulnerable. After Oswald’s overthrow, Ruby began to talk about the assassin hired by the Mafia. Ruby had survived three years in January 1967 and died in pneumonia in January 1967.

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