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The Goldman leader was surprised: not so bad about Brex Brexit 

The Goldman leader was surprised: not so bad about Brex

He was surprised by the CEO of Goldman Sachs that he did not have a more dramatic impact on the referendum on Brexit, but he does not think that all the consequences are yet to be seen.

In a Brussels interview on Politics on Thursday, Lloyd Blankfein said the British economy remained healthy despite voting, but after the Brexit, other EU economies could grow due to the relocation of banks.

Brexit, of course, wants a larger distribution of resources from the bank than it does not happen. The winner of the partial resettlement of Goldman Frankfurt and Paris could be found in the conversation.

Goldman’s European headquarters are in London and remain essentially the same: for nearly one billion euros there is a new center for investment banks here. If they had known earlier that Brex would happen, they would have made a different decision, “said the bank leader.

Implementing the needs of banks is good, so Brexit can be prepared for the expected time of March 2018, “Blankfein said.

We can not rent property in the last minute, there is a need for central bank approval and licensing, we have to deal with customers from different entities, and rewrite our relationships, “Blankfein said. According to him, banks now deal with such issues with Brexit. / Photo: CNBC

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