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It was named the perpetrator of the London gossip incident this Tuesday United Kingdom 

It was named the perpetrator of the London gossip incident this Tuesday

He was named on Wednesday the perpetrator of a gastric incident near the British Parliament last day.

Referring to the BBC government sources, the 29-year-old man was called Salih Khater, a Sudan-born British citizen. The police confirmed the information about it.
In 2010, he became a refugee in the United Kingdom. Before him, he studied engineering in Sudan at the University of Carthage, according to The Daily Telegraph. He grew up in the east of the African country, his parents were farmers.
He went to university in England, between September 2017 and May 2018 at Coventry University, between 2014 and 2017 at the University of Birmingham. He studied English in 2010-2011 in Birmingham.
The authorities arrested him on suspicion of committing terrorist acts on Tuesday. On Wednesday it was announced that he was being held in custody because of his attempted murder.
On Tuesday, a man driving a Ford Fiesta with passers-by and cyclists to parliament, then hit steel and concrete armor defending the building. Three were injured, one man was on the spot, a woman and a man had to be hospitalized. Since then, both of them have been released, “Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, told BBC newscasts on Wednesday.
The investigation is conducted by the National Police Troika Counter-terrorism and Special Operations Service of the London Police. On Wednesday morning, two locations were searched in Birmingham, one in Nottingham. They are also being investigated at a third Birmingham site.
According to reports, he did not appear on the watch list of the UK internal combat (MI5) and the terrorist command of Scotland Yard, but the Burmese police were in his “horizons”.
According to reports, the car was driven from Birmingham to London on Monday night, arriving after midnight. He parked for nearly five hours in the center of the British capital, Tottenham Court Road, and circling around the area for around an hour and a half.
The suspect was alone in the car, no gun found in the silver-colored vehicle after wading.
The Westminster Bridge, next to Parliament, was arrested last March in a gang and delayed assassination, involving six perpetrators along with the perpetrator, British Khalid Masood, including a policeman, and about fifty injured.
Parliament is the most protected area in the center of the British capital. The building is enclosed by strong safety cords made of concrete and steel.
After the incident in the afternoon, he again emerged to shape the neighborhood of the Parliament as a pedestrian zone. Cressida Dick, the Scotland Yard commander-in-chief of police in Great Britain, thought it would be a way of preventing gasping attacks. He added that the decision should be taken by the parliament, the police, the security services, the mayor and the local authorities. Sadiq Khan said: he is in favor of stepping up security around Parliament Square and across London.

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