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The end result of the 2018 parliamentary election was born European Union 

The end result of the 2018 parliamentary election was born

On Saturday, the last votes were counted. This is primarily the vote from abroad and the polling stations. Though it does not change in the two-thirds, but the opposition, especially Jobbik, LMP and Momentum, were more popular than the country. Jobbik has added a mandate.

On Saturdays, the 106 individual constituencies were deployed to urns of polling stations to which the traveling votes were added. That is, we could now get acquainted with the vocals of foreign voters or those who were passing over to other settlements, mixed with votes in a constituency polling station.

The so-called mandate distribution so far has only changed one by the fractional vote: Fides has one less, one more candidate for Jobbik, but Fidesz-KDNP still has two-thirds of the 2018 parliamentary election. János Stummer, a better man, can be happy, and Péter Csizi, Fidesz, may be sad because, as we all know, the Fidesz list was just over his name. (Csizi is on the 87th national Fidesz list.)

According to the result of the election, the total number of the Fidesz-KDNP in the new Parliament was 133, Jobbik 26, MSZP Dialogue 20, DK 9, LMP 8. One mandate was obtained by independent Tamar Mellár and Szabolcs Szabó, together with Imre Ritter, who holds the German minority mandate. This result will only become formal after the exhaustion of remedies.

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